Who is FROMGE ?

Hey! Welcome to my world dear visitor!

You wanna know a little bit about me? hm… I am a boring person.. LOL I am joking. (I love people with a sense of humor btw)

My name is Nini and I love everything about the art and photography. I love taking street style photos, shooting interesting people! Feels Fantastic when you see tall models, great outfits, tattoos, shoes, hats and etc. And yes I am in love with Big Apple (NEW YORK NEW YORK – so good they named it twice)

I love the color blue, summer, traveling, food, cars, music, and YOGA, but the only thing I can’t do is to swim (unbelievable, right?) and yes I love talking and walking (Aww)

Wanna know why FROMGE? It seems really easy to find the right name for your blog but nope, not at all. I wanted it to


sound funny and also connected to where I am from. I am from Georgia (not a STATE though!).


FROMGE is for us guys! I want to share my experience and my photos with you, want to listen to your opinion about everything (FYI I am THE MOST curious person ever!) what do you like? why? when? who? And etc.


I will do my best to make this space full of fun and beauty (Yay) And also as you might have already noticed through all the grammar mistakes above – English is not my native language ^_^  Sooo please let me know if you see mistakes – I am always open to feedback (privately though, LOL)